Blog Anniversary GIVEAWAY!! AP 24 Whitening Toothpaste

The beginning of this month was actually Lady & The Troop's 5th year blog anniversary! But I couldn't let July slip away without doing my very first GIVEAWAY!!!

A friend of mine recently had her 3rd boy (she's outnumbered as well). She also decided to leave her job to stay home with her boys and pursue other career opportunities. However, before her baby was born, she decided to join the Nu Skin team by becoming a distributor! And her business is BOOMING! (Way to go Sara!).

Not only have I tried, and loved, Nu Skin's AP 24 whitening toothpaste, but I've also gotten some pretty awesome compliments on my pearly whites!

Yep, those are my teeth!!! I'm in love!!!

Since coffee is my best friend, this toothpaste can be my best friend too! This toothpaste works to whiten and brighten your teeth, while also protecting against cavities and PLAQUE (AP= anti plaque). Not to mention the crazy clean feeling of your teeth after using it. It's AMAZING!

Since I loved the toothpaste so much, Sara has been generous enough to team up with me for my first giveaway!!

Here are the Giveaway Rules:

  • Follow Lady & The Troop
  • You must be 18 or Older
  • Like & comment on this post!

Winner will be announced next Monday, August 7th at 8pm CST! I will be using a random number generator and counting down that comment number on this post! I will then make a post and link to the winner. Winner will have 7 days to contact me via email to claim their prize!

If you would like to be entered in another giveaway, head over toThe Toothpaste Lady's Facebook group and hit join. Sara will be launching this Facebook group TOMORROW, and will be doing another product giveaway for group members only!

**I am not affiliated with Nu Skin. My results are my own and are used for the sole purpose of this giveaway! The toothpaste is a $20 value, the winner will be mailed one free tube of toothpaste at no cost.


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