Nolan’s 1st Month

We’ve spent this last month adjusting to being a family of four. I remember back to Landen’s 1st month home, and how flustered we were with being brand new parents.  The baby stage is more of a breeze the second time around, and we are thankful for that!

We’ve been blessed with another happy, content baby (knock on wood).  And here’s a bit about Nolan Lately:


  • He weighs 10.1 lbs!!! And 20 inches long.  He’s a little shorty, but getting to be quite the chunk.  I am a breastfeeding pro the 2nd time around, as Landen only gained 1lb in his 1st month.  I had to go back and look this over in the blog entry.  I struggled so much with breastfeeding Landen, and he had gained the 1 lb even with supplementing formula while I fixed my supply issues.  A whopping 3lb gain for Nolan (4lbs from his adjusted hospital weight) makes me feel AMAZING!!
  • He is awake a lot more now.  He doesn’t sleep the normal amount for a 1 month old, and I brought this up to his doctor yesterday.  He doesn’t get overtired, or fussy.  Just awake, and smiling.
  • Smiling a LOT.  He loves funny sounds, his brother’s craziness, and bath time.  He’s definitely a Mama’s boy…but hey, it happens!
  • He crossed off riding in the car off his “hate list.” THANK GOODNESS!  This was rough.  He absolutely hated the car at first.  Just when we were moving.  If we stopped at a stop light, he quit crying completely.  Started moving again, tears.  He has finally decided it isn’t so bad.  But definitely not comfortable enough to sleep yet.
  • Now the only thing left on his hate list is the hiccups.  And boy do we HATE them!







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