8PM Coffee Break!

Who has coffee at 8pm?! ….This girl!!  My house cleaning has been slacking with all of the current events going on, my crazy 10-month-old gets into EVERYTHING, and organizing the gymnastics season.  My house has definitely suffered.  So, I chugged a cup of coffee after Landen went to bed and cleaned like a mad woman who is expecting guests in 20 minutes.  BAM.  Clean house!

We had another round of Christmas picture attempts.  Poor Landen was…backed up.  He wasn’t in the mood.  Except for tasting each and every Dollar Tree bulb (you know…to see if it was different than the last one….)



Pictures were done and babies were exhausted.  Right after Landen woke up, he emptied his backed-up-ness.  And was immediately back to his usual self.  So, I decided to have another go at it.  And I’m SO glad I did!!




Mommy’s handsome little man!!

That’s a rap!!

P.S.  I could never be a photographer.  I have found out I definitely do not have the patience for it!!  WHEW!!!


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