Let’s Talk About Weight Gain…

This blog post was inspired by a recent shopping trip that Nate and I had. I needed a pair of jeans. Just one. In case you’re wondering…none of my pre-pregnancy jeans fit me.  So, we decided to make a shopping trip dedicated to finding myself a pair of jeans to wear.  I spent my whole pregnancy in sweatpants.  Even my scrubs for work were replaced by the appropriate color of sweats.  But hey…I was comfy!!

I tried on one pair of jeans and was completely disappointed.  Needless to say…I left with a new pair of sweats from Victoria’s Secret.  LOL

If you’ve been following my blog and read a lot of my weekly pregnancy updates, you may have noticed that I never shared my weight gain.  When I was first reading about pregnancy weight gain, they said the normal was 25-35 lbs (each that I read was different, but this is somewhere close to all of them).  However, during my first trimester, each trip to the doctor I was getting closer and closer to this amount.  I was worried that I was gaining too much too fast.  My doctor told me that I was under-weight to begin with.  Ok…they were right.

Looking back now…I know this is more than true.  For a few years I had thyroid trouble (we have to point the finger somewhere)…  I found that when I was stressed out, my appetite was depleted.  Sometimes I would have one meal a day.  I will say that when I did have my one meal, that meal was a ton of food and I put away a lot of it.  I was a healthy eater when I did eat.


This picture was taken shortly after my senior year of high school.  Granted, my senior year was the worst year of my life thus far.  After my sister passed away, I dropped quite a bit of weight.  I was very unhealthy.  And I was somehow unaware of this until the day a nurse asked me if I had lost weight…and that I looked terrible.  But nothing puts it into perspective better than finding this.  WOW!!  How gross?!?!?!  Pretty sure I look like an alien and my head is way too big for my body….

During my pregnancy was the first time I’ve ever heard someone say, “You look healthy!!”  And it felt good!!

So, let me go ahead and share with you.  By the end of my pregnancy…I gained about 70 lbs.  YEP…you read that right…70!!! (Seventy)  This one is for all the people who kept telling me that I was “all baby.”  Man were you dead wrong!!!  But I guess after hearing people tell me that…it makes me believe it even more how much I did need to pack on the pounds!!!


5 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Weight Gain…

  1. We are not even at the end of pregnancy and I am at a gain of 50! I’m sort of freaking out. I only gained 35 with our first and still had trouble with those last 10lbs!!! I would do the jean shopping/sweat pants thing with her too haha! We need to start a jean hand me down program for moms! Once one loses the weight, she picks a preggo to pass them down to while they lose their weight…the preggo pants domino program!

    1. Haha yes!!! Bc who wants to spend money on something they’re hoping to be short term??? I think I saw 50 before my 3rd trimester!! And that’s when they say you gain the most lol. By that time it didn’t even matter anymore. Plus the third trimester “exhausted and wayy over it” phase wasn’t about to help whatsoever.

  2. Sorry to hear about your loss, I also lost a sister so I know how awful that can be! And as far as pregnancy weight gain goes… I gained more than expected as well and now that I am 9 weeks postpartum I still have about 20 Lbs to lose. It’s so hard to lose it when I’m so hungry… I blame breastfeeding haha!

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