Loving & Learning

There are so many good things about being a parent.  One of the best things, I’ve found, is learning about your baby.  In the first 2 weeks, I’ve learned so much about Landen.  Even at this size, he has such an amazing personality.  We have definitely learned a lot about what Landen loves…and a lot about what Landen hates.

Landen Loves….


Sleeping on Mommy’s chest.  This is a good thing, and sometimes a bad thing.  I love having him fall asleep on my chest.  It’s so comfortable (for both of us).  BUT…when I try and sneak him into his bed, he catches me.  And is not a happy camper until he is back where he was.  I get lucky sometimes, and it takes him a lot longer to realize what happened.  I got a little curious, though, and had Nate take him for a few minutes before he laid down.  Nate lays him down…he falls right asleep.  And stays asleep.

Landen Hates….

Bath time!!!  Well, being naked period.  But especially bath time.  Since he violently ripped off his umbilical cord at 8 days new (ok..it wasn’t that bad…but kind of), we can now put him in the water.  Not a fan!!  He didn’t mind just getting washed and rinsed with a soft cloth. But the second I poured a little water on him…

Landen Hates…

Hiccups!!!  Oh man, do we hate them.  He gets so mad!!  And he gets them all the time.  Want to know why he gets them all the time???………..

Landen Loves…

Chugging his bottles!!!  And when I say chug…I don’t mean a lot of small swallows.  I mean actually taking pulls off his bottle with some force behind them.  So, we have a gassy baby.  We count ten “pulls” (that’s what I call them), and then take it away.  We stop halfway through the bottle and burp him because he swallows so much air.  I guess we just have an enthusiastic eater on our hands!!!

Landen Hates…

Wet diapers.  I swear this little boy would ignore a poopy diaper all day as long as he hasn’t peed in it (which, by the way, we are having poopy diapers regularly now!!).

Landen Loves…


Listening to music and watching the mobiles.  This was the first time we laid him in his crib in his bedroom.  Since we’re still co-sleeping in the living room, he hasn’t gotten a chance to check it out.  He actually liked it!!  Having a changing table downstairs and upstairs has been a big help.  I’m wondering when we will make the transition to sleeping upstairs.  I miss my bed!!

Haley Hates…


Not being able to see Landen.  She fell in love with him just as we did.  When we set him in his crib for the first time, she went nuts!!  I’ve never heard my dog cry so loudly.  She paced in and out of his bedroom, and kept putting her paws up to look at him.  Thank goodness for a sturdy crib!!!  She used to sleep at the foot of my bed in my bedroom, and wouldn’t let anyone in my room without making a fuss over it.  I wonder where she will sleep when Landen makes the big move……

I Love…

This little guy more than life itself…and more than I imagined I could ever love someone!!  I love his expressions, and the little faces he makes!!  Even when he’s angry!!  He’s the best thing that has ever happened to me!  I am so ready for a life filled with fun experiences, and learning even more about our baby boy! 🙂


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