39 Weeks!!


The suspense is killing me!!!  I can’t believe he’s already almost here!  Where has the time gone?!?!

And this has been quite the week already!!  I had a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday.  I wasn’t expecting him to check me, and even if he did…definitely wasn’t expecting any changes.  WRONG!!  My cervix is thinned out and dilated at 2 cms.  Felt great to know I was actually getting somewhere on my own!!  Doc was doing something weird…then explained that he did a “membrane sweep” (or whatever you want to call it) to try to naturally induce labor.  I’ve heard of this being successful, and not so successful.  He said I should have a few contractions and spot a little bit, and, if successful, labor in 24-48 hours.  Well….got almost all of it, I guess.

Had the spotting.  Contractions were in check.  And no labor.  However, I did wake up to losing my “plug” this morning, and I’ve been cramping off and on all day.  So….maybe soon?!?!  Or maybe not.  He did say that if I made it to my next appointment (on my due date) we would schedule an induction.  Pretty sure he’s just as worried as I am that if I wait too long, I will not be having him naturally.  Really hoping this little guy decides to make his own appearance (and soon).

 Bags are packed, and everything is ready to go.  We packed a bag for Nate to take to work with him.  Just in case he’s in a hurry to leave, he can get cleaned up at work and be on his way.  Still keeping my fingers crossed that he is home with me!!!


Thought I would show my true colors this week!!  🙂 Oh yes!!


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